Devina Coutinho
" Life's battle is not always won by the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can "

About Me

I come from a diverse professional background having explored the domains of fashion, product design and now user experience. I graduated in Product Design from Symbiosis Institute of Design and then pursued my masters in Interaction Design from IDC, IIT Bombay. With over 10 years of experience in UX/UI and a keen interest in Web Technologies, Software Interfaces, Mobile Design, Product Design, System Design, Product Strategy and Event Management, I love solving problems. My hobbies include tailoring, cooking, travelling, reading and sports.


  • User Experience

  • Information Flow

  • System Design

  • Web Development

  • Visual Design

  • Event Management

Software Knowledge


Fireworks / Sketch



After Effects



November 2015

CoFounded DesignCoz



April 2015 to present

Multiple Startups - Craftsvilla, Timesaverz, Parentlane, Stitchwood, IDfy

UX Design Consultant

I work in-house with multiple startups to help them shape their products and revamp their user experience across the web and on mobile apps.

July 2011 to March 2015

Adobe Systems, Bangalore

User Experience Designer

I work with the Dreamweaver team at Adobe to create tools that aid in the development of websites and mobile pplications. My responsibilities include interfacing with product management to define the scope of each feature, creating UI mock-ups, walking through arguments for and against a proposal, defining interaction workflows and submitting detailed specs to engineering for implementation. Over the years, Dreamweaver has been transformed into a modern Visual editing Web tool with features like Editable Live View, CSS Designer, DOM tool, Editable Selectors and a HUD to edit Html properties.I have also worked on couple of Responsive Design stories including Visual Media Query tooling, Bootstrap support, Fluid Grids Framework and Multiple asset extraction using Extract

Feb 2012 - Jan 2014

IIT Bombay Alumni Association, Bangalore Chapter


I have been an active member of the IITB alumni community, and Secretary of the IITBAA Bangalore Chapter for the 2 year. I was the first elected woman Executive Committee member to any of the IIT alumni chapters.I helped organise events like the annual Freshies Night, Ask me anything with Kanwal Rekhi, Pandit Hariparasad Chaurasia concert, VKC activities etc in Bangalore. I would also designs all the promotional material like posters, invitations, event reports etc for the EC and was responsible for the publicity of the alumni activities.

June 2010 - June 2011

IIT Bombay

Department Placement Coordinator

I was elected as Department Placement Coordinator at IIT Bombay to represent IDC. My responsibilities included talking to companies, understanding their requirements, helping companies fill JAFs online, communicating the rules and procedures of placement to students and companies etc

Jan - June 2011

Google, Bangalore

User Experience Design Intern

I completed my final Degree Project with the Mobile News team at Google, Bangalore. I was working on a personalized news experience for user profiles like beginners, casual readers, brisk readers and regular readers. The objective of my thesis was to identify user personas,study news consumption patterns and define alorithms to customise news per article. The key differentiator compared to other news aggregators in the market, was its ability to showcase news based on parameters like frequency of consumption, interval of a news story, regularity of reader, nature of content etc

May - June 2010

ICICI Securities, Mumbai

UI Design Consultant

I worked with the ICICI Securities Entrepreneur Group (IEG) to develop their research portal for Institutional Investors. It was my responsibility to engage with various business units like Marketing, Equity Research, Equity Sales, Derivatives, Corporate Branding and Database Management to understand the institutional brokerage business. I conducted usability tests and heuristics on their existing retail website and designed the Institutional experience based on the insights gathered.

Dec 2009- Jan 2010

Samsung Design (Industrial Sponsored Project)


Extensive research was carried out in 6 major cities of India, to gather insights on the food habits and regional preservation practices observed in refrigerators. Techniques such as contextual enquiry, card sorting, perception mapping and diary studies were used to generate generic and regional insights. Design concepts were detailed and further refined based on manufacturing constrains.

Feb - June 2009

Tata Elxsi, Pune

Product Design Intern

Developed a family of Insecticide Spray cans used by farmers. I explored safety methods in the usage, storage and disposal of these hazardous chemicals. I also worked on various FMCG products like Shampoo bottles and Oil containers during my internship.

Dec 2009- Jan 2010

Nokia Design (Industrial Sponsored Project)


A system design project done by a team of 12 designers. The aim was to study the barter and exchange of second hand goods among the student communities of India. The research phase involved initiating transactions both planned and spontaneous among students. We then analysed the triggers and deal breakers in the transaction. We documented the decision-making patterns and negotiation tactics used by buyers to strike a good deal. Sequence models, Affinity mappings and video/audio transcriptions were used to generate insights and design ideas. Detailed UI workflows were designed and presented to Nokia as deliverables.

May - July 2007

C-Tech Labs, Mumbai

Product Design Intern

Developed a LED headlamp that was used in coal mines. The task was to design a lightweight compact lighting solution that could be operated in the dark. I also worked on the designs of an inhaler valve, railway berth seating mechanisms, PCB layouts and other LED lighting fixtures.