Project Brief

As a product designer, I was always fascinated with mechanics. I would very often dismantle products to understand how it worked. Building contraptions was another of my favorite pastimes. Below are a series of contraptions I created either for a competition or for fun with a specific goal in mind.


Contraptions, traps, mechanics, physical


Mechanics that move and morph using physics



Challenge-1 : using Thermocol cups, rubber bands, ice cream sticks, straws.

Keeping the principles of buoyancy in mind, design a boat that covers a maximum distance in water.

Challenge-2 : using Cardboard, ice cream sticks, paper and rubber band.

The aim was to design a paper rocket as well as its launching pad.The goal was to ensure that it travelled the longest distance in air.

Challenge-3 : using Cardboard and thread.

The aim was to build a packaging for eggs such that the eggs did not crack even if you dropped them from a height of 5 feet. I was trying to crash analyze a fragile object in this experiment.

Challenge-4 : using Cardboard, ice cream sticks.

The aim was to build a launching pad for a marble such that it covered the maximum distance before hitting the ground. You could apply force/pull trigger only at one point.

Challenge-5 : using Wires, PVC pipe, Cartons (no scissor and glue)

The aim was to design a loop such that a ball moves in it for the maximum duration without stopping. This entry won the first prize at Fundamental 2009 at SID, Pune.

Challenge-6 : using PVC pipe, Cartons, Thread, nails.

The aim was to design a set of 3 interdependent actions such that one action triggers the other. The last action had to ensure that it pushed a crazy ball, to roll over a wooden plank 2m long and knock down 6 bolts. This entry won the first prize at Fundamental 2008 at SID, Pune.