Manual Fruit Juicer

Project Brief

To design a manually operated roadside fruit juicer that makes the extraction of juice from fruits a more hygienic & less tiring process.



Juice, hygiene, manual, Fruits, Roadside


Re-design of a roadside fruit juicer for better hygiene.

Product and Environment Analysis

In the traditional juicer, concentric to the Archimedean screw is the body of the juicer on the upper side and the strainer on the lower side. When the fruit pulp moves along the length of the screw, it also gets pressed against the concentric wall and thus gets juiced. As a lot of waste gets collected on the strainer inside the juicer, it decays the pulp. Moreover, the pressure of the fruit on the strainer makes it most vulnerable to damage. The sight of waste falling out of the juicer makes the sight very unhygienic to the customers.



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Proposed Solution

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