Coal Miner’s Head Lamp

Project Brief

A coal miner’s 12V headlamp had to be re-designed using LEDs. The brief was to make the lamp as compact as possible using Lithium batteries instead of NiMH ones.



Lighting, headlamp, electrical, LED


Re-design of a headlamp worn by coal miners

Concept Overview

LEDs are rugged, energy efficient and durable. 30 LEDs were soldered into a PCB to substitute it with the 12V bulb (with reflectors). For the body, I looked into options to make the headlamp as compact as possible.

Option 1 : Batteries in a U-shape

The batteries are placed in a U-shape such that it takes up the same height as that of the LEDs.

Option 2 : Batteries in a Triangle

The 3 batteries are placed to form a triangle. This triangle gives the headlamp the angle it needs to be mounted on the head.

Option 3 : Batteries behind the head

The batteries are placed behind the users head with the help of a headgear. This helped balancing the weight of the lamp on either side of the head for comfort.