Adobe Story

Project Brief

Adobe Story is a desktop application that aids in the pre-production process. It is used in the movie industry as a collaborative script development tool. As a designer on Story, I had to study the pre-production process, understand how various entities interact with each other and suggest improvements to the tool to make the process more efficient.



Script, pre-production, software, Desktop app, film making


Re-design of a desktop application for collaborative script development.

Research insights

I interviewed artists from Zee Networks, Amar Chitrakala and Corner House Animation Studios. I also studied the scripts of the film ‘The Karate Kid’ and the sitcom ‘The Big bang Theory’ in detail. All the information gathered was mapped into the below flowchart.

img04 img04

Final UI

Filmmaking is a collaborative process. Based on the script outline, the director, cast, editor and production crew will interpret the story their way when it is filmed. They may or may not consult the scriptwriter. Other writers may be brought in to write the entire thing. Thus specific formats or layouts, margins, notations and other conventions are followed.


The Script Diamond is used by scriptwriters to come up with an outline for their story. It helps them visualize their story across key dramatic points.

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Analyze the graph: Tracking the ratio of Action to Dialog and Emotional Quotient in your script.


Writing for Talking: Have text-to-speech engines read your script to you by assigning different male and female voices to each of your characters.